Our tattoo festivals are unlike any tattoo event you have ever attended. The Milwaukee Tattoo Festival offers a selection of over 200 of the best artists from all over the world right here in Milwaukee for three days of tattooing, art making, merch selling, and much more.

At the Festival, attendees will have the opportunity to get tattooed from traveling and local artists alike. Many artists will book the festival in advance, but there will be opportunities each day to find artists that are taking walk up tattoos on a first come first serve basis.

If you do not want to get  tattooed over the weekend you will not be short of entertainment. Artists and vendors alike will be selling merchandise, there will be contests where you can enter your tattoos that you have previously collected, watch contests take place, and see some of the best artists from across the globe practice their craft.

Tattoo artists will have the opportunity to buy supplies from a variety of vendors for use at the festival and to take back to their home shop. There will be a tattoo of the day competition daily to show off the best tattoos made at the Festival.

Whether you are coming to the Milwaukee Tattoo Festival for your first tattoo, your 100th, or just to have fun, we are happy to have you, and cannot wait to see you there.